Return from the dead.

My Halloween Resolution was to blog more? If that’s not a thing, I’m trademarking it right now.

Zombie’s Log: It’s been 14,000 days since my last post. I’m surviving on nutrient rich blood and high carb brains. Life of a zombie isn’t bad…

I lourve lourve lourve Halloween! I’ve streamed a shitty version of Hocus Pocus at least twice on YouTube this month. I’ve decorated my work space with purple spider web and ghost garland. I even ate a non-gluten free pumpkin sugar cookie today because it reminded me of my childhood and going into the bakery of the grocery store and demanding a free cookie like I owned the store and paid their wages. In fairness, part of my grocery ego stemmed from my mom working at the store and me knowing almost everyone that worked there. The other part was because cookies

But my most favourite thing about Halloween is pulling together a costume in less than 24 hours.

This is me, every October 1: Ooooh I’m going to be something extravagant I saw on Pinterest like a mermaid with real shell bikini or a unicorn with multicoloured extensions.

Then there’s the week leading up to it: oooh I should really build that shell bra. 

Two days before: Hey babe, you wanna be a couple something like Conor McGregor and a ring girl? –shit, I don’t have abs for a bikini.

Day before: I have that random Victorian looking dress in my closet and all I need are white contacts and blood… Bam, zombie.

That’s the same story as to how I became a Boy Scout with toilet paper roll binoculars and a creepy doll in stockings. I thrive on the pressure.

One thing I dislike are mass produced costumes where you inevitably go out and wind up in a ‘Who Wore It Best’ showdown. I’m a creator. I need to take a concept and make it my own. And for an investment of roughly $65 CAD, I turned myself into a dead girl. 

I found the dress two years ago at Value Village while looking for something totally different. I think it was $10 or $12 bucks, but whatever the price, it had a vintage vibe and I knew it would come in handy at some point. The ankle socks arrived from Save on Foods for $3 and I chose the length because I knew I wanted bloody knees. The shoes were from Aldo circa 2008 and came into my wardrobe because I had issues walking in heels that weren’t ‘thick and sturdy.’ True story.

I headed to Halloween Alley in search of the piece de resistance: white contacts. They, without a doubt, make this costume. Which is why I was ok with a $40 investment for one day of being creepy. These are from Primal and they’re the Zombie 2, with the black ring. It’s hilarious, they say they’re only good for three months once opened… when the fuck else am I going to wear these after Halloween? Possibly the company Christmas party? Anyways, they are a million times worth it in my opinion. I also picked up some Blood FX drying blood for $10 and decorated my mouth, neck, hands and knees. Great thing about this blood is it dries, stays shiny and not one part of me in still red after washing it off. 

Best thing about zombie face is there’s no need to try and look like you got a full 8 hours. Just wake up and add bruising with purple eye shadow and black eyeliner. I used items I already owned from Benefit: creaseless cream shadow in the colour Stiletto and the Bad Gal thick eyeliner in black. Apply to face and knees, then smudge. 

Last but not least, I used the previous days bed head and a small can of Frizz Ease hair spray to style my hair into a jumbled mess. This was secured with some bobby pins to achieve that ‘dead for awhile’ look. 

Favourite things about this costume:

1. Stopping at red lights and slowly turning my head to the person in the car next to me

2. Unique and inexpensive

3. Won scariest costume at work

4. Thriller played in my head all day

5. Zombie photo shoot

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