Back, back, back it up.

That Oregon Coast sunset.

Classic beginner move. Oh, what, you’ve been taking adventure pics for the last 3 weeks with the intent to edit and post? And the day you decide to sit down and do some OS upgrades is the same day you decide to load those killer pics into your iPhoto file? And what’s this convenient camera feature, ‘delete after transfer?’ Don’t mind if I do. Click! Anything to save time, amiright. Transfer to the 30 billion TB external hard drive you own? Meh, later.

Exceeeeeept not. I discover that after an entire Sunday spent downloading, updating, configuring, nipping and tucking, CoolSculpting and reformatting, iPhoto is no longer a thing. Which, whatever, I wasn’t married to it, it was more a relationship of pre-installed convenience. So Photos is now the only option. Fine by me. ‘Click here to update your library to photos.’ Click. ‘Your version of iPhoto is too old. Please update.’

Ok, ‘This update is no longer available. Please download iPhoto upgrade installer.’

Ok, ‘This update is not valid in your country.’

And so it went; a giant circle of reinstalling, clicking, shutting down and reading about how Apple ruined countless people’s lives with their updates in forums.

From there I read that if you didn’t update at a certain point, there was a chance your files were too old to transfer over. Uhhh… what? Isn’t that what automatic updates were for? I can barely remember to pick up my birth control prescription every three months, let alone be held responsible for ensuring my selfies and food pics dating back to 2008 are safe from destruction. I rely on these automatic methods, even though I’m really good at clicking the ‘remind me later,’ button.

Not really getting anywhere with their suggested installer update thing, I decided I was less pissed about all the pictures I couldn’t even remember from the last year, and just wanted my most current ones back. Not my crappy iPhone ones (which I found stored in the cloud, sarcastic thumbs up) I wanted the campfire shots, and the photos of my friends enjoying a backyard band and the repetitive ocean pics I took in Oregon when bae made me climb a stupid sand dune to get a better view. (He was partially right… partial point taken away because it was windy af up there and I didn’t want my eyes exfoliated with sand) I wanted the ones I was going to use as content for this here blog and the ones I stupidly decided to erase off my camera and didn’t put on to my hard drive! So after 127 Hours (before I cut my arm off) I called er a night, shut my computer off for the umpteenth time and crawled into bed. Not defeated, but definitely bummed.

Pacific City, OR
He was right.

Hello Monday! A whole new day with new upbeat vibes (excluding work hours) and a fresh set of fingers for googling shit! Found some more forum posts which complimented my optimistic outlook and gave me some new ideas. Someone suggested: Search-> Masters. This should bring up my hidden master files. ‘Seems logical, I will try that,’ I thought. Get home, try it. Nada. Grrrrrr. BUT, on a whim I search the file name ‘Oregon,’ which I tried numerous times yesterday with zero luck and boom, there’s my fucking file. Drag, drop to hard drive. Problem 1, solved.

One of dem campfire shots I was telling you about.

Problem 2, still have no legit program to open it with cause my iPhoto is old and decrepit and in a iNursing Home. But like a tech savvy genius, I decide to run the iPhoto upgrade installer once more because I actually have no idea what else I should do. Oh? What’s this? There are words underneath the install button that I didn’t bother to read once during the 18 times I tried to install it last night? All I need to do is go to Finder-> Go-> Utilities and choose the file I wanted updating and thrown into the new Photos app? READING. That’s how I solved this. Reading. Little known fact: I actually read pages ahead in books so I know what happens, then I go back. No joke, if there’s something happening on the top of the left page, I will skip all of that and read at the bottom of the right page because I don’t want to wait to find out what’s going to happen. Skip the bullshit, I want immediate knowledge. And this super skill set caused me to waste an entire day that I had intended to use for editing. And running. Side bar: Definitely could have gone for a run during one of the updates, but I found this to be a convenient excuse not to.

Running shoes jkjkjkjkjkjkjk

So, what are the lessons I learned?

1. Do NOT wait to transfer your photos to your hard drive! Comically, I’ve named my external hard drive ‘DAT ASS’ so my computer sends me hilarious messages when it wants me to do things. ‘Do you want to back DAT ASS up?’ You bet I do!

2. Do NOT use the ‘delete all after uploading’ button on your camera unless you are one trillion percent sure. If we’re talking 10,000 stored photos then maybe, but 372? Don’t be lazy. Manually delete.

3. Do NOT stress. This one I actually employed throughout the whole process. I was annoyed, but tears were not shed and things weren’t thrown. I credit this to a mindfully positive outlook I’ve had lately from listening to Gabby Bernstein and Jen Sincero books on the Audible app. So thanks, ladies!

4. Do NOT not read all the instructions.

Please use this PSA as a learning tool and don’t be a dumb dumb, like me, when doing computer things. But also, this means more blog posts to follow!

First of many fairy light shots.

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