Hello, Internet.

For about two weeks I’ve been coming up with ideas about my first official post. What do I want to say? What am I trying to convey? When am I going to have time to sit at my computer and write? I’ve thrown all that crap out the window and am currently typing on the floor of my boyfriend’s living room while sipping on a glass of red, from a mason jar. #allclass

So thanks for stopping by! Not my first venture into the blogosphere, but definitely my next adventure. I’ve been dealing with a whack of depression lately (some seasonal, some regular) and I realized part of it’s due to a lack of creativity in my life. I hate my job currently and spent the winter romantically involved with Netflix vs. my artistic self, and I’ve suffered greatly. I actually was just too tired for life.

Rolling into Spring, I decided I needed a change and since I’m the only one in charge of me, I made a commitment to not only be a better person, but to just be happier. Can’t do a whole lot about my job currently as I need that cash to live, but I can do a whole lot about how I spend my free time.

Things that will most likely be written about:

  • Travels to Europe and other
  • Mountain and city biking
  • Fitness and my love/ hate relationship with running
  • Marrying young and also, divorce
  • Losing my dad
  • Dealing with depression
  • All things food
  • Camping/hiking/exploring
  • Fashion and my love of thrift store finds
  • Art things

At the end of the day, I’m trying to create a life where I’m free to explore everything. So if you need me, that’s where I’ll be, outside, roaming a little longer.


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